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Intice - Taste The Night

All of the "Taste The Night" songs...
Intice - Back In The Day

plus all of the "Back In The Day" songs...
Intice - The Legacy

remastered and all on the new release "The Legacy"!

Intice CD review at DecibalGeek.com

"This CD should contain enough hooks, choruses, sleazy sex inspired riffs to satisfy fans of Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant and Firehouse."

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"In our humble opinion this should be up for album of the year - if you love your Glam Metal then you cannot and we mean, you cannot go wrong with this album. Highly recommended on every level!!"
- Demon Doll Records

"One of the best representations of the time . An absolute must have , if you can find one (Taste The Night), the guitarist smokes , bass & drums hold it down , while the lead vocals seem to remind me of someone , can't seem to place it . Long live Glam !"
- Nikki Sixx

"Potentially monstrous!"
- Jeff Kitts / Concrete Foundations, Metal Mania (New York)

Note: Jeff voted Taste The Night as one ot the Top efforts of 1989.

"Give A listen."
- Kenny Kerner / Music Connection (Los Angeles)

"Intice is my bet for the next signing out of Florida."
- Chris Phillips / Thrust Magazine (Tokyo)

"6 Out Of 7!"
- Edagar Klusener / Metal Hammer (Germany)

"Straight ahead, on the edge, in your face. Just plain killer!"
- DJ Justice / Rock Journalist (BFE)

"The premier unsigned band in Florida. One of last year's best debuts."
- Hot Rod Long / Rock City News (Hollywood, CA)

"Killer cuts!"
- Kelly Togliatto / Chicago Rocker (Chicago, IL)

'They're full of raw energy and enthusiasm. A lot of fun to watch perform."
- Marty Ulfe / Rag Magazine (Ft Lauderdale, FL)

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INTICE (1985-1990)


A self description from one of Florida's freshest young bands. Within one year of coming together, INTICE started opening for bands like Steppenwolf, Foghat, Johnny Van Zant, Head East, Savatage and more. INTICE was formed in Tampa, FL in 1985 with PATRICK ST. MICHAEL-lead vocals/rhythm guitar, JEFF VITOLO-lead guitar/vocals, ROB WILKERSON-bass/vocals, & BOBBY DEE-Drums. From the start they were playing all over town and went right to work recording their own material at Tampa Bay's MORRISOUND STUDIOS with JIM MORRIS (Warrant, Seven Mary Three, Savatage, Crimson Glory, Saigon Kick) mixing and producing. The band started passing out underground mix tapes & demos and cultivated a loyal local following. By 1986 MICHAEL ALLEN joined on bass/vocals and JIMMY SLEVEN joined on drums. Bowling over audiences with their hard hitting original rock 'n roll, INTICE developed a dedicated regional following and played some great shows all over the southeastern United States. By 1988 VINNIE GRANESE joined on bass/vocals and INTICE started enjoying steady touring success opening for countless national acts. With a solid line up, the band returned to the studio with Jim Morris to record their debut CD in time to take it to the 1989 FOUNDATIONS FORUM in Los Angeles. A distribution deal was found with two companies and shortly after, INTICE released their debut album TASTE THE NIGHT on NITE TRAIN RECORDS INTERNATIONAL. More shows were done with up and coming acts like Babylon A.D. and Tora Tora. Major airplay was also gained on the national Z-Rock Radio Network. Sadly, by the early 90's INTICE split up, but in 2013 they independently released their early recordings from '1985-'87" entitled "BACK IN THE DAY". The album also features two of the last song recorded by INTICE in 1990.

Fast foward to 2016...October 2016 INTICE gets two songs in the action/thriller movie VICIOUS THUNDER and also appears on the movie's official soundtrack. October 2016 INTICE signs a new record deal with California based label DEMON DOLL RECORDS to re-release their entire catalog on one 19 song CD called THE LEGACY. 2017 will mark 32 years that the music INTICE made together still lives on.

January 8, 2017 Intice had a review of their new release The Legacy by Mikael Svensson on Decibel Geek.

March 7, 2017 an interview with lead guitarist Jeff Vitolo was posted. Read the interview with Jeff here!


Intice "Pay Your Dues" 1988 music video

Intice live "Pay Your Dues"

Intice live "Much Too Strong"

Demon Doll promo for song "You Don't Know"

Intice at the Rock-It Club 1988

Intice "Taste The Night" Video






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